[HCM] DevRel

Hồ Chí Minh
Thỏa thuận

Job description

Write, release, and manage open-source Software Development Kits (SDKs), demo apps, tools, samples, blog posts, technical guides, or videos.
Contribute to and manage open-source projects on GitHub and drive open standards.
Manage and participate in developer discussion forums, troubleshoot, and address the concerns raised in these forums, and educate external developers/partners on best practices for effective integration of Ahamove APIs and products.
Create and maintain internal and external documentation for technologies and tools used within Ahamove.
Work closely with Engineering, Product, and Support teams to ensure the quality, discoverability, and accuracy of the content you create and develop and to increase the adoption, product usage, and community advocacy.
Ability to work with 3rd party developers and solve deep technical problems.

Job requirement

Experience as a software engineer or equivalent technical experience.
Experience working with JavaScript, Node.js, Java / Python, and/or web technologies (i. e be language agnostic).
Experience in Javascript and JavaScript Frameworks.
Experience contributing to GitHub and open-source communities.
Experience working with third-party developer tools, including technical documentation, APIs, SDKs, and client libraries, and producing/organizing technical and process documentation with a logical flow.
Experience participating in developer communities and ecosystems, conferences, blogs, and hackathons.
Experience with REST APIs and developer platforms.

Why you'll love working here

You'll love it.


Teambuilding, Happy Hour weekly.
Social insurance and annual leave under the Vietnam Labor Code.
Encouragement will be supplemented based on employees' performance.
The 13th month reward depends on the work efficiency.
The commission is very attractive
There's more,